In the course, you will brand yourself through free social media and through other free digital and new media tools. There has never been a time, in history, where this was so readily available to you. You, like no other generation before you, have the opportunity to truly brand yourself and make it noticeable, memorable and representative of you. We will hit the ground running as you’ll be blogging by the second week of class and you’ll have to make an “About Me” video to introduce yourself by the end of the fourth week, but simultaneously, we will spend time in the class discussing you — all of you – while also working on the semantics of branding yourself.

Recommended Readings

This is the first semester I am not making the books required. However, if you don’t read these, you will likely struggle with your blogs. You’re all adults, so decide what’s important to you. Here is the list of readings with links to purchase on Amazon:




Personal Branding 101 – DTH Article

Our class had an article in the Daily Tar Heel last February! Read about the class, its evolution, and its inspiration here!


    As the class progresses, in-class presentations will be uploaded here. Check this page as the semester goes on if you need to review the presentations!

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