Former NMTIFAMP Branding Projects


The Trivalry

“The Trivalry is the chance for people who love our Triangle-area schools—NC State, Duke, and UNC Chapel Hill—to come together and compete for their school through a series of challenges, all with proceeds going to a local charity.”


Envision Carolina

“Envision Carolina is a group of UNC-Chapel Hill students. We propose creating a set of arches to be placed in McCorkle place at the entrance of the University. Envision Carolina wants to recognize the stories and achievements of the entire Community.”

Home Is Where The Heels Are

“In 1982, Tar Heels were painted on major roads leading to Chapel Hill to celebrate a national championship. In 2019, we want to paint them to celebrate home. Take a step forward, bring the heels back, sign the petition below.”


Rival Royale NC

The 2018 NMTIFAMP Project “Rival Royale NC” was centered around the marketing strategy for a Fortnite Battle Royale tournament between UNC-Chapel Hill and N.C. State University



MyUNC23 is a personalized bucket list platform, engaging students to craft a list of 23 must-do items. #MyUNC23 What’s yours?


UnlockUNC is the ultimate bucket list before you graduate. Fun risky activities you don’t learn in orientation


Carolina Outdoor Recreation

“COR’s diverse programs allows its participants to experience personal, group, outdoor, and community discovery while striving for individual empowerment, meaningful reflection, mutual respect, trust, and team building. Whether it is through kayaking, rope climbing, or zip lining, COR uses these activities to help its patrons reach their goals of developing one’s sense of self, leadership, and adventure.”


Samantha Cabe Branding #1

“I am devoted to serving as District Court Judge as a
woman who embodies fairness, and consistency, resulting
from my extensive courtroom experience in order to
empower the diverse yet equal voices of the Orange and
Chatham communities”


Start Here, Never Stop

This project served as a rebranding of the UNC School of Media and Journalism with the new slogan: “Start Here, Never Stop.”



We’re taking UNC back to the old-school days. Stay tuned for how to win off-the-hook prizes and get tickets to our final throwback PARTY Nov. 14!


I always grew up in my brother’s shadow. Rameses was always the favorite twin, so I thought I had to act out to get attention from the fans. I felt like Mondays – the day of the week that’s everyone’s least favorite. But then I realized that doing bad wasn’t doing me any good. We didn’t have to be the “least favorite” for forever. That’s when I found The Monday Life. Mondays give us the chance to have a fresh start. A chance to do good. A chance to make a difference. Help me make a difference in a child’s life. The Monday Life is a 501(c)3 non-profit that helps hospitalized children feel better and heal faster by drastically improving patient environments.


Best Away Game Ever

“On November 15, you will have more fun than you’ve ever had at an away football game. Why? We’re throwing a massive party. This isn’t your daddy’s football party. There will be $1000’s of prizes, exclusive interviews with players and fans, scavenger hunts and more.”

The Buzz About the Fuzz

The Fuzz will be bringing the greatest scavenger hunt UNC has ever seen! Don’t miss out!”

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